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Install Stock rom without pc or computer on Samsung. Tech Dous

To install Stock rom without pc or computer you need to have a rooted phone and a custom recovery install. Follow the steps given bellow and you can follow the YouTube guide:- Install SuperSu.Download FlashFire. Click here to download.Download Stock Rom. Click here to download.Grant root permission to Flash FireClick

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IRON MAN boot animation for Samsung galaxy s duos 2 gt-7582, s7582. Tech Dous

What is Boot Animation? To put it in easy way boot animation is the logo that appears when you start, reboot your android phone. It also changes the user experience and gives new look while you switch on or restart your phone. What are the requirements? There are 3 requirements to install boot

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Best games for Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 s7582. Tech Dous

There are many games available on google play store. But, which one is best suited for phones like Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, Samsung J2, etc. These phones are not powerful but can run some amazing games. I HAVE ALREADY SHORT LISTED SOME AMAZING GAMES YOU CAN PLAY ON

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