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IRON MAN boot animation for Samsung galaxy s duos 2 gt-7582, s7582. Tech Dous

What is Boot Animation?

To put it in easy way boot animation is the logo that appears when you start, reboot your android phone. It also changes the user experience and gives new look while you switch on or restart your phone.

What are the requirements?

There are 3 requirements to install boot animation in Samsung galaxy s duos 2 :-
1.Your phone must be rooted
2.Boot animation works maximum times perfectly on Custom rom but in stock ROM sometimes the device get stuck in boot. So, it’s better to install it in custom ROM. And the process i am going to share will only work on Custom ROM.
3.Your android device must have SuperSu installed.

How to install Boot Animation in android?

Just follow the following steps to install boot animation in android:-

1.Download & Install es file explorer and enable root explorer.

2.Download boot animation.

3.Copy your downloaded boot animation and swipe left to right then go to LOCAL then go to DEVICE then to SYSTEM then to MEDIA paste it there and you will find that there is another .zip file named BOOT ANIMATION.zip its your default custom ROM boot animation you can delete it or just move it some where else.

4.Delete the old boot animation zip file and name the new copied boot animation file to BOOT ANIMATION.zip.

5.Then press the zip for approx 2-4 second the many options will appear, select the option name MORE and go to PROPERTIES click on change then do exactly whats done in the image. After doing exactly what’s shown in the your new boot animation is set

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