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2021 Best Games for 500Mb – 1GB RAM phones | Games for old mobiles | Samsung galaxy S duos 2 In Hindi | TechDous

Many of us have old smartphones with low specifications and low RAM built into our phones. And running games on these old smartphones is a hectic job. But don’t worry, Because today I will tell you the 7 best games that you can play on your old smartphones, which have 500MB, 700MB, and 1GB RAM respectively. I have tested this game on Samsung galaxy s duos 2 which has 700Mb RAM.

These games are lite and don’t require high specifications to give you a decent gameplay experience while playing them. So, without further ado. Let’s get started.

Games are mentioned in this video.

1. Hitman Sniper:-

Hitman Sniper is a pov Sniper game with great graphics and amazing gameplay.  How to install Hitman Sniper for free:-

2. Racing in Car 2

Thus, the game is one of the most realistic games you can play on your low specifications smartphones. A POV driving around the town, with headphones on and your favorite music on the play, you will love this game for sure!

3. GTA San Andreas

Everyone knows how legendary and awesome a game it is and to run on low specifications devices is really a great deal. You can give it a try and install this game on your smartphone.

4. Minecraft

Everyone knows how Minecraft is addictive once you know how to play the game. Minecraft doesn’t require high specifications and the graphics consumption is also low.

5. Baseball9

Sports games are never boring only when you have a genuine interest in that particular game but this game is on the next level once you start playing it. The gameplay is super smooth and the graphics are so good. Which is an attractive character design. This game will take place in your heart 💓.

6. Death Tour 

This is a multilayer action racing game. You have to compete against other players with your car. You can modify it as per your preference. It’s really fun to play.

7. Nova legacy

This game is all a multiplayer shooting action game. Nova is a very popular game everyone knows about. But if you have not played it yet I definitely recommend playing it. The graphic design is really amazing and it runs super smooth on my Samsung galaxy s duos 2 phones.

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