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How to increase internal memory of Samsung galaxy s duos 2

We will increase internal memory of Samsung galaxy s duos 2 and it will work on any other Android smartphone. We will increase internal memory of our Android phone with the help of a sd card ..in this process your sd card will not be damaged.

Follow this video for more detail and steps:-

There are 2 safest methods

First method:- If you are using Android version 7 or above it will work for you and if you are not using Android version 7 then install android 7 custom rom:-

After you have inserted you sd card an option will appear in notification panel to use your sd card as a portable device or internal you have to choose internal to use it as internal device ….but after you  have selected it as a internal device there isn’t much you can do . You can only save photo and that type of files but you cannot transfer an application’s obb file which takes more space suppose you downloaded a game its apk will be 34mb but the obb file will be approx. 300mb …but in second process you can transfer obb file of game to your sd card.

Second method:- In second method you can move your application’s obb files to external storage and i will save a lot of storage in internal memory

But you need to root your device for that, if you haven’t rooted Samsung galaxy s duos 2 then watch this video:-

After that you need to download 3 files

  1. MiniTool partition Wizard

Download:- https://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html



3.Link2sd patcher

Download:- https://rexdlfile.com/index.php?id=link2sd-plus-apk-full-unlock-download.

After you have downloaded all files open mini tool partition Wizard and select you memory card an then right click…click on move&resize then make one partition in EXT2 format. Then install link2sd application in your phone then use link2sd pachter to unlock link2sd plus mode then select all yours games and Transfer it to your sd card on EXT2 format.

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