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Best War Based Games In Asus Zenfone Max M2

War games which are mentioned in this article or blog are focused on story-line, Missions, Game controls and of course the graphics of the game. Download link is available for every game after it’s review. So, make sure to download it from there.

5. Brothers in Arms 3

This game is made by  Gameloft so you can except nice graphics and story-line.

Graphics:- Talking about graphics it really is highly detailed and if you have high graphics in your phone you will surely enjoy the game alot.

Controls:- Controls are decent. At first you might feel high sensitivity at first but you can always lower the sensitivity in settings

Story-line:- Good

Download Brothers in Arms 3

4. Offline commando 3D sniper

This game have both sniper and assault experience in it.  It’s also has multiplayer so you can play it with your friends.

Graphics:- Good. 

Controls:-  Nice movement and weapon  controls

Story-line:- No Story-line only missions

Download Offline commando 3D sniper

3. Frontline Commando: D-DAY

This game is my favourite war games. This game is all in one game it has good graphics, controls, Storyline is amazing. The way the whole story is narrate is truly an work of art.

Graphics:-  Amazing Highly detailed

Controls:-  Good movement and weapon  controls

Story-line:- Best War Story available in this game

Download Frontline Commando: D-DAY

2. Warface: Global Operations

This is a first person shooting game with a decent storyline and missions.

Graphics:-  Great and highly detailed among all the games in this list.

Controls:-  Movements are smooth the weapon controls are really amazing

Story-line:- No Story-line only missions  

Download Warface: Global Operations

1.World War Heroes: WW2 Fps

This game has no storyline. It’s just hardcore multiplayer war based game with Team Death match, Death match,  Point and capture, HQ Defence, Etc available in it. It’s pretty great.     

Graphics:-  Great

Controls:-  Great movement and weapon  controls

Story-line:- No Story-line only Multi Player. Missions- [Team Death match, Death match, Point and capture, HQ Defense, Etc].

Download World War Heroes: WW2 Fps

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