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Relaxing Games for Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 |TechDuos

As any gamer would know every gaming category as it’s own fun to play it. There is a category which is known as Relaxing Games. Games under these category are meant to be played to lower the stress level of any person playing making them clam from mind and given them  better game experience . These games are well know for there smooth game play, clam sound design, and easy controls.

In these blog you will find the best relaxing games for your android device:-

  1. Alto’s Adventure

There are two games available one is Alto’s Adventure and another one is Alto’s Odyssey. Both game are really popular for there game design as well as the background sound which gives really clam feeling. The game play of Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey are really smooth and well compatible on every Smartphone you play it in.

Download Alto’s Adventure

Download Alto’s Odyssey

2. Hungry Shark

In Hungry shark game your avatar is a shark and the only mission you have to do is keep feeding your shark and won’t let it be hungry. While doing that you will explore under water sea find underwater tunnels, boxes of gold, etc. The map is really every big you can explore it all day. The level of graphics detailing is really good in this game. And at last this game is really very addictive to play so watch your clock while playing it.

Download Hungry Shark

3. PAKO 2  

This will not look much impressive at first but wait until you start playing it, put your earphones on and play you favorite playlist of songs and start playing PAKO 2 this game is basically a car chase between police and you. Game control are quiet sensitive when you start playing it but as soon as you have played like 3-4 times your hands on control will be smooth and you will start enjoying is game and might pass an hour playing it.

Download PAKO 2

4. Bus Simulator: Ultimate

If you like playing simulation game or you like controlling a car or a bus with a steering wheel on your simulation game then  this game is for you, the controls of  steering wheel  to control the bus in the game are really very smooth and in Bus Simulator you are a bus driver and you have to take your passengers from one place to another, the best part is the long ride you will be doing in this game while riding your bus and also the level of detailing of graphics in this game is also very good. The best thing about this game except good game play and graphics are that after you complete a ride your passengers will give a review and if you have played the game well then you will receive a  good review, basically it depends on how you ride the bus.

Download Bus Simulator: Ultimate

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