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Best Productive Apps of 2021

Worried about your day not being productive? Each day is passing on without you working on your goals and objectives. Well, worry no more because today you will know the 3 best productivity apps you can install and make your day a productive one!

List of productive apps:-

Firstly, we have to find out where your time of the day is going (for example: if you are watching movies all day or playing games all day). 

So to find that first app from this list will help you.

  1. Digital wellbeing. – Download now

When you install this application you get full track of your time you spent on your mobile phone, As you can see below I have watched Netflix for 3 hrs. So you can also find out the application that keeps you distracted during work.

Now that you know which app you were spending all your time in was. Now is the time to block it which will help you to not use that app on a particular time period you set.

  1. App block – Download now

You can select working work timing like from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM I have decided to work and I don’t want any distraction from my phone to distract me while working so this app will block that apps for the time(working hours) you choose while setting up the app

Lastly, once all the distractions are away now it’s time to set your objectives or worklist you will accomplish while working in your selected time period.

  1. Google keep Note – Download now

You can create a list and add your work-to-do in this app. Once, any work is completed you can check the list and it will move away from that list. This app will help you keep a record of which work is completed and which is left to do.

You can also watch the video given below to get an installation tutorial of all the above apps and to understand them better to make your day a productive one.

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